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1. Smart Detailing University - International Name Recognition

Trust the name globally recognized for innovation and education. With Global representation in over 60 countries around the world, Chemical Guys developed Smart Detailing University to be the top-tier educational platform to advance the education of our employees, distributors and resellers across the globe. It is only after years of overwhelming growth and success that we have decided to enable and empower all looking to learn, those eager for a seat in our university and all those that want to learn from the best what it means to succeed.


2. Direct-Focus Success Platform - Small Class Sizes Empower Student Learning

According to the Institute of Education Sciences, the research arm of the US Department of Education, class size reduction is one of only four evidence-based reforms that have been proven to increase student achievement.


Our Direct-Focus Business Growth Seminars and educational sessions enable students the opportunity to connect at a personal level to professors and educators.  The human connection is what makes SDU courses unlike any other educational platform in the world.  Rather than simply listening like traditional educational models our students are encouraged to speak out, ask questions, and engage with professors and students in debate.


In order to assure the highest level of attention and one-on-one interaction SDU feels it is important to maintain appropriate class sizes and as such limits the Masters University student count to no more than 12 students.  It is our student-centered approach to education that assures each student the success and empowerment they deserve.


3. Access to the Facilities and Faculty

At Smart Detailing University teaching and empowering students is the top priority of our faculty. We consider that the only measurement of success is when our students achieve the level of success they desire. Our trained staff is always available for students through our Established mentorship program to assure that every student receives the ongoing support needed as they grow. 


4. Join an outstanding community of peers striving for excellence

Our diverse and motivated students are the lifeblood of our school. Though our Masters Program receives hundreds of applicants only 12 students are able to attend the university per month.  It is this unique balance of students that guarantee the highest level of focused education and interaction to stimulate the classroom environment. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds and geographic areas, our students bring a wealth of real-world experience and personal accomplishments to their education. They make engaging classmates, excellent teammates, and lifelong friends.


5. Curriculum: A wide-reaching curriculum with options for individual focus

Our curriculum allows you to explore all aspects of Auto Detailing and Reconditioning. This breadth is matched by an analytic rigor of in-depth study in many areas of marketing, business development, communication, systems and systems for success in the Automotive reconditioning industry. Our faculty is comprised only of successful business professionals with real-world experience.   At SDU we strongly believe that the only way to learn success is from mentors who actually succeeded.


6. SDU- We are the destination

Take in the sites and enjoy beautiful California. When we decided to build a soaring new state-of-the-art facility we could have built it anywhere but we chose California because it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.  California - We love it here and we think you will too!


7. Challenge your intellect with enrichment opportunities

Beyond the intense academic challenge of our curriculum, there are many other exciting opportunities. Our award-winning hands-on training and full-vehicle detailing system is ranked among the nation’s best.  Global Brands and OEM like GM, Honda and Toyota use Smart Detailing University for training, education and academic and professional empowerment and success.


Need More Reasons:

  1. Worldwide recognition in over 60 countries across the globe as the premier Detailing University Program.

  2. Our educational programs are structured to teach success through success. By bringing together industry leaders and innovators our professors are the most successful in all areas of detailing. Imagine learning how to succeed from professionals who actually have and continue to succeed.

  3. 80+ years of combined detailing and reconditioning experience as owners/operators of various auto appearance businesses.

  4. Tens of thousands of satisfied graduates living the dream of owning and operating their own successful auto detailing business.

  5. Eco friendly auto detailing Training, Solutions, Chemicals, Accessories, equipment, supplies, procedures and product knowledge to help keep our students EPA Compliant.

  6. Our certified instructors have over 80 years of combined auto detailing experience and are the very best in the industry.

  7. Extraordinary customer support and on-going technical advice available seven days a week for all graduates.

Top Reasons Why Smart Detailing University

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