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The first step to building a successful business is laying the groundwork for a strong foundation.  Here at Smart Detailing University we like to call this “SDU’s Perfect 10”.  You will be educated on everything from advanced communication skills to modern sales techniques.  You will also learn how to properly use and safely handle all chemicals, machines and accessories to maximum efficiency.  If you are looking to gain the right knowledge necessary to create a successful detailing business then the Smart Detailing University Master’s Training Course is the best option for you!  In order to get ahead, you must take it upon yourself to learn effective skills and systems in order to succeed in your business ventures. Success doesn’t come in the form of luck or coincidence, it’s about your abilities and how you apply yourself. When you have decided to discover what it takes to be accomplished and fruitful in your business endeavors, the AWESOME team at Smart Detailing University awaits you.


Smart Detailing University’s 46,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art training facility is designed around the success of our students. Our system-based educational programs combined with our unmatched faculty team of world-wide professional detailers and educators are here to provide you with the industry’s best and most exciting, innovative, comprehensive, hands-on and smart training program for professional auto detailing.

The 4M System is the Pathway to Success

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At Smart Detailing University we believe that success is built upon a system with a strong foundation.  While there are numerous systems in place to become successful, we believe that keeping it simple and sticking with the basics is the most efficient way to build your business.  This is why at Smart Detailing University we have developed the  4M system. 


The 4M is comprised of:

Mechanism.  What is the Mechanism or “How” of starting a business? What systems will you need market, grow and develop the business of your dreams.  It starts with YOU!  Once you accept and digest the simple fact that this venture or business is an extension of YOU, you are ready for the the remainder of the equation. 

Marketing. Every business requires the proper Marketing, effective Management and ongoing Mentorship to continue to thrive and exceed expectations.


Let the experienced team at Smart Detailing University educate you on the 4M System as well as all aspects of starting and owning your very own detailing business by attending The Smart Detailing University Masters Course. 



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Certifications Earned:

Auto Reconditioning Specialist

Headlight Restoration Specialist

Ceramic Coating & Paint Sealant Specialist

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Course Overview

When picking a training program there are a few things you should consider:

Who are your training instructors?

Smart Detailing University has assembled a team of detailing professionals, business owners and product innovators to help you build a strong foundation for your business. Our team has a combined experience of over 45 years in the industry where they are still actively involved in running their own successful car detailing businesses. In other words you learn from the pros with real success, real life experience and passion for this industry (not your usual salesmen that are masked as trainers).

Why get professionally trained?

Some people know something but no one knows everything!  The great thing about learning is that it is never ending.  We are always evolving and adapting to overcome new challenges in our personal as well as professional lives.  Smart Detailing University provides hands on, one-to-one instruction both in the classroom as well as in our amazing training facility that is suited for both beginners and novices alike.  Even detailing professionals that have been in business for many years can benefit from our course.  As a Certified School, the Smart Detailing University course provides attendees with the certification and licensing necessary to start their own lucrative auto detailing businesses.

What type of training you will receive?

At Smart Detailing University our program isn’t only focused on showing you how to properly and effectively detail a vehicle, our staff wants to make sure that your business is successful in all ways. You will not only receive hands on training but you will spend time in a classroom setting where our instructors take an informal yet effective approach in showing you ways to confidently communicate with your customers.


Not only will you receive your certification in auto detailing but our program also includes certification in Windshield Repair and Headlight Restoration. We include these certifications because we know how profitable these add on services can be for any auto detailing professional. A successful and profitable detailing business is one that delivers the best service at the best price in the shortest amount of time. The entire Smart Detailing University program is built around establishing systems to reduce time while increasing results and profitability.

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Why a Career in Auto Reconditioning?

With the current state of the economy, the auto detailing business is growing so quickly that the demand for professional auto detailers is off the charts. Not many people are buying new cars. They are however taking better care of the vehicles they have because they know it may have to last them a while.


There are not many jobs or careers available, so it’s time to create your own opportunity. Some of today’s professionally trained auto detailers are making six figure incomes and keeping their nights and weekends free.


Make the right choice and take a look at what the auto detailing industry can offer you in a stable career and business opportunity. Act now by starting your very own auto detailing and reconditioning business today.



Why Professional Training is Necessary for Running a Successful Business ?
  • Improper use of buffers and polishers could result in damaged paint

  • Improper use of detailing chemicals could cause damage to the vehicle

  • Using the 10 steps incorrectly could result in lost time and money

  • Without professional training some of these steps may become difficult to perform

  • Lack of knowledge can usually result in poor work, upset customers and lost time and money.


"What I needed to change to take my business from where it is to where I want it to be. The hands on tools I learned with the trainers at SDU was extremely helpful, but what I could have never imagined is how important that in class marketing part was. Thank you SDU!"


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