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Master Training Course


Our most popular option, the Master Training Course is a 5-day long course that is great for anyone ready to start their own business or take their existing one to the next level. The most comprehensive training course that builds upon SDU's Perfect 10 Business model. If you are looking to gain the right knowledge necessary to create a successful detailing business then the Smart Detailing University Master’s Training Course is the best option for you!

1 Day

DIY Basics of Detailing is the perfect workshop for the enthusiast that is trying to learn how to keep their car looking its best. Have fun and learn to take care of your car properly. Everything you need to know to keep one of your biggest investments in tip-top condition. Step-by-step, hands on training with in our state-of-the-art training arena.

1 Day

DIY Introduction to Buffing & Polishing is the best workshop to help you take your skills to the next level. Learn how to properly use the right pads and products to achieve the perfect finish. Learn how the control and utilize the polishing machine just like the professionals. Top-notch staff instructs you on the correct way to operate the dual-action polisher and rotary polisher to introduce the basic pad and polish combinations, and finally provide hands on instruction giving you an excellent foundation to advance your detailing knowledge.

1 Day

As an add on service to your existing business or as a new business venture, becoming a certified Headlight Restoration Specialist is a profitable business. Smart Detailing University’s Headlight Restoration Class teaches students how to restore faded and discolored headlamps to a crystal clear finish using the most advanced products and techniques.

1 Day

Expand your business or start a new business - Windshield Repair course provides you with the necessary training so that you can become a certified Windshield Repair Technician. Smart Detailing University's Windshield Repair faculty will do more than just train you; we are here to help make you and your business a success!

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